Jax Goes to Kindergarten

I just can’t believe how quickly five years have gone by. My baby started Kindergarten today at Dare. He is officially a Dare Dolphin!

Jackson did great! No tears, no buttlerflies in his tummy, and no hesitation to let Mommy go. His only complaint was that his backpack was too heavy. Of course if it had been full of toys, I don’t think he’d have been complaining.

I on the other hand did not do so well. But I accomplished my one goal which was to not let Jax see me cry! I waved good bye, said “Have a Good Day”, turned and let the tears flow! The PTA handed out Kindergarten Parent’s Survival Kits containing tissues, candy, and a badge that says “I am surviving my child’s first day of Kindergarten.” I got to my car, tore into my tissues, and proudly donned my badge.

I am now counting down the minutes to when I can pick Jackson up and hear how wonderful his first day of school was. Then I can relax, get a good night’s sleep, and do the whole thing over again tomorrow! This does get easier, right? I guess I’ll be one of the few parents that needs a badge that says “I’m surviving my child’s second day of Kindergarten.”

I’ve checked in with Gina. Her daughter Briana, is also starting Kindergarten today. She and Briana did well too. She had to put Briana on a big yellow bus!

I’ve also checked in with my friend Anne-Evan. She was returning to work today (as a teacher) after her maternity leave. So she was dropping her boy off at daycare for the first time today. I’m sure all went well with them too.

I’ll post pictures as soon as I get a chance!


3 thoughts on “Jax Goes to Kindergarten

  1. Sounds like all the Mommys did fine. Only the best Moms have a hard time of it. Take heart it does get easier, a little. You work so hard to make things perfect for Jackson and I think you do a wonderful job.

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  3. can you give me the items included in the survival kit the PTO gave to you? Would like to make a few for a friend of mine

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