Take me out to the Ball Game

The beloved Boston Red Sox have made it to the post season once again. (Guys, please don’t break our hearts!) They clinched the AL Wild Card after the Cleveland Indians lost to the Chicago White Sox. This is the third year in a row that Boston has claimed the AL Wild Card. I’m sure you all remember the history making events of last season when the Red Sox won the World Series for the first time in 86 years!

So far the post season has been rather bleak. The Red Sox lost in their first two games against the White Sox. But it’s a 5 game series and this afternoon they are back in Fenway! So they have to pull thorugh in today’s game or this season is over. But there’s always next season! And we can still root against the Yankees!



4 thoughts on “Take me out to the Ball Game

  1. Well, the Red Sox didn’t come through last night. But the Yankees did get beat by the Angels, so there was some good news.
    Now, we just have to wait patiently until next season!!

  2. Too bad for the Red Sox, but the Yankees are out of the running now. Thank you to the Angels for a very sweet victory last night!
    Angels play the White Sox tonight in Chicago. I don’t even know who to root for yet. It’s hard to root for the White Sox cause they beat my boys, but it would be a sweet victory for them since they haven’t won since like 1917. And until last year the Red Sox hadn’t won since 1918, so maybe it’s time for the White Sox. Although they don’t have a cool historical curse to blame their bad luck on 😉

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