Ok, I am making pre-New Year’s Resolution to keep my blog updated more often. I’m not going to promise an update every day, but I am going to do better.

Jackson is doing very well in Kindergarten. He likes it most days and doesn’t complain too much about going. He has finished his first month of school without so much as a cold, so that’s good news. I was warned that once he started school, he would be getting colds and frequent illnesses. But I think his immune system was well-tested while he was in daycare.

Fall T-Ball is on! Jackson had his first game last Saturday. No score is kept in t-ball, so there’s no report on whether his team won or lost. They just went out and had fun. Jackson is once again wearing jersey #1 and is currently playing for the Lookouts. They wear red shirts and hats, which used to be Jackson’s favorite color, but since red was handed to him, he prefers blue now. Go figure. Don’t know where he learned to be so difficult ;)

I am taking a break from school. Mostly due to some difficulties with my study team. Way too much drama to go into here. But I am planning to return very soon so I can get this degree completed and move on to the next step.

I just finished (well about a week ago) the new book by Jennifer Weiner (pronounced “wyner”, not “weener”) “Goodnight Nobody.” It was, of course, fabulous. “Good in Bed” is still my favorite of her books. But her other three have been delightful. A movie based on her second book “In Her Shoes” has just been released and stars some fabulous actors. It opens this weekend and I can’t wait to check it out.

I visited my best friend, Anne-Evan, two weeks ago. She had a beautiful baby boy named Franklin in July that I just couldn’t wait any longer to see and hold! We had a fabulous, girly time and the visit, as usual, was much too short. Her hubby, Jeremiah, kept Franklin all day Saturday so we could do some girly stuff on our own (aka shopping). It was great to see Anne-Evan and Jeremiah again and it was so fun holding a little baby again! Take care you guys!

Well, I guess this is enough for now! I know my mom checks this site often, so Hi, Mom, see you tomorrow! Hello to everyone else, I hope all is well.


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