Etsy Shop!

Well, it’s official, I have an online shop!! I’m in the process of listing my current inventory. Please feel free to shop, praise my creations, and pass on my website to others who may appreciate my attempt at artistic expression!

I started making jewelry about a month ago and I’m just adicted to it. It’s almost as therapeutic as the potter’s wheel! So my therapy has turned into a large number of earrings and bracelets that I could never get around to wearing myself.

I’ll also be listing other crafty creations, especially since Christmas is coming up.


4 thoughts on “Etsy Shop!

  1. OK you got me, the EMPTY shop looked good. Now the inventory on the other hand looks great! Trish at work said she was getting a huge amount of compliments on her bracelet and earrings.

  2. That’s awesome! Be sure to tell her that there is plenty where that came from! If there’s something they want from the online shop, I’ll just take the items down and charge them the previous prices.

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