Dress-up Trunk

I had an idea for a Christmas present for Jackson. I had found some great super hero costumes at Target after Halloween when they were marked down 90%. So I bought them up and then decided that if I put them all in a box, it would make an awesome dress-up set for him and it would be a great Christmas present.

So the search was on for a box. At first I thought just a rubbermaid container would be sufficient, then I decided that a treasure chest shaped trunk would be much better. But the cheapest one I could find was $50 and it was wooden which was very heavy. So, where to find the right shape, perfect size, and keeping it lightweight too.

Well, make it of course. My mom gave me the idea to make it out of foam board. She had a pattern which I couldn’t follow. So I just built it from my head. It’s not perfect, but I was proud of myself. I hope Jax likes it!

Here it is:
I made it out of gold foam board and the tape sort of looks like the color of old brass findings. The picture isn’t great, sorry. I’m still learning to use my new digital camera ;)

Inside the magic dress-up trunk: Wolverine, Mr. Fantastic, The Human Torch, The Thing, Dr. Doom, Ninja, Warrior, and Harry Potter (complete with glasses). I can’t wait to see him have his first dress-up playdate.


5 thoughts on “Dress-up Trunk

  1. Jackson loved the dress-up trunk. Although I think he’s calling it a “Costum Treasure Chest.” It was the first gift he told anyone about when they asked what he got for Christmas! He has tried on all of the costumes at least once. His favorites appear to be The Human Torch, Wolverine, and The Thing. I’ll post pictures of him in each of the costumes!

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