Random Update

I don’t really have any BIG news to share. But I hate to go more than a few days without posting something. I frequent other blogs and it’s annoying when nothing new is posted for days on end. I mean what the hell is supposed to keep us occupied when we should be working?

Sales in my shop are improving, slowly. I have a regular customer and she has just purchased her fourth pair of my earrings. She likes me, she really likes me!!

I’ve also discovered a way to improve my existing pictures. I’ve gotten a load of constructive criticism regarding the quality of my photos. But the task of re-photographing 90 pieces of jewelry was just too overwhelming. So I was up until 3 o’clock this morning improving the pictures already posted and I’m almost done! And with new pieces, I will attempt to improve my photographing skills, lighting expertise, and in general figuring out tricks of the trade.

I am playing a minor role in the Spring Bada Bing. I am supplying samples of my work for the Swag Bags (goody bags for volunteers and other important folks). I’m hoping it will get me the exposure I need to push my sales up. And if not, it’s still fun to say I’ve had dealings with the Mafia! (Richmond Crafter’s Mafia that is)

Well, that’s about all I have to report for now. Have a great weekend!


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