Ed is fine, recovering

Just a note to let everyone know that Ed came out of his triple bypass surgery fine. He is recovering in the hospital and is expected to be home Sunday or Monday.

Mom is also doing well. We were able to see Ed twice this afternoon and she will be able to go back in to see him tonight.

If there are any updates, I’ll post them here and phone calls will be made.

Mom and I both are exhausted! How is it possible to be so tired after just sitting in a waiting room all day?

Please continue to keep Mom and Ed in your thoughts.


3 thoughts on “Ed is fine, recovering

  1. UPDATE:
    Saw Ed today at the 10 am visiting time. He is awake, doing well, looking much better, and progressing as expected (maybe even a little quicker). He does, however, feel like he's been hit by a train…twice.

    He should be in a regular room sometime tomorrow.

  2. UPDATE:
    Saw Ed briefly today. He is now in a private room. He is doing 100 times better today. His chest tube was removed, which has made him more comfortable. He is also up and about a little.

  3. UPDATE:
    Ed came home this morning. Mom and Ed are very happy to be home and even happier to have their beloved Suzie home (I kept her while they were staying in the hospital). Ed is doing well. The first day home is always a bit rough and takes more out of a person than is anticipated. Mom and Ed are looking forward to a good night’s sleep in their own bed!

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