Jax lost his second tooth!

Well, Sunday night and Monday morning were some exciting times in our home. Jackson’s second loose tooth finally came out around midnight Sunday night. After much crying, wiggling, debating, and coercing, I finally got him to let me pull it out.

Then the tears really started!

Oh the DRAMA!

This tooth’s parents were still safely residing in Jackson’s mouth and the tooth didn’t want to go with the tooth fairy because it didn’t want to leave its parents.

This was also apparently the first tooth to ever love Jackson and he was sad to see it go.

So we agreed to wait a night or two before slipping it under his pillow for the tooth fairy. I had to find an e-mail address for the tooth fairy to let her know that we would keep her posted on the status of the lost tooth and when it would be waiting for her under Jackson’s pillow. Jax also spent Monday afternoon drawing pictures of his beloved tooth.

We are now looking at night #5 and Jax shows no sign of letting the tooth go! Perhaps the tooth fairy would be willing to strike a deal and leave this tooth with Jax (with a little compensation for pain, suffering, and emotional distress). But I have a feeling that if the tooth fairy gives in this time, she will be looking at the same sort of bargaining tactics for the remaining 17 teeth Jax has yet to lose!

And how can a girl make a living like that!?


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