Art Camp @ The Muscarelle MOA

Jackson is attending art camp at the Muscarelle Museum of Art this week.

Yesterday when Scott dropped him off, Jax was a little nervous. But when Scott picked him up at noon, Jax said that he thought he’d be nervous but he really wasn’t! He came home covered in paint with a huge smile on his face (at least that’s the image I got from the phone call)!

This morning, Scott barely got a hug goodbye before Jax was off to join his new friends and await their instructions for the day!

Jax has some amazing artistic talent! I’ll post pics of his creations when he brings them home.

Update: Jax is staying with his dad during the week this summer (due to issues with the summer daycacre program I had chosen). He comes home to me on the weekends. It’s quite a switch but I think it’s good for him to see his dad a bit more and it’s nice for me to have the break to get things done around the house. Jax thinks it’s pretty cool too!


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