Random Update 3

It seems like so much has been going on lately but I haven’t been able to figure out anything to blog about.

Summer is almost over. School will be starting soon.

My vacation with Anne-Evan is coming up very soon! She and I are both so excited we can barely stand it!

Jackson is having a great summer. Luckily he is very ready to come back home full time. It’s been great for him to spend the summer with his dad and his little cousins. It’s always nice to have someone look up to you and Luke thinks Jax is the best thing ever and tries to copy everything he does! Jax says it’s annoying but there’s a part of him that loves it!

My job has become insanely hectic! I love it (most of the time) but some days are just a whirl of confusion. But somehow I come out at the end of the day having accomplished something and usually impressing someone (sometimes myself). Being so busy makes most days go by faster but it’s nice to have the chance to catch my breath from time to time.

Everyone else is doing well. The puppies are growing fast.

That’s about all I’ve got time for right now. Jax and I are on our way to a birthday party!


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