Dancing with the Stars Returns

I am completely addicted to reality television *blush*

One of my most endearing qualities is my love of bad music, movies, and television!

But I am standing proud and admitting that I am so happy about the premiere of Dancing with the Stars, Season 3!

When I first heard which celebrities would be on this season, I wasn’t very excited. I mean Jerry Springer, seriously what the hell? But Joey “Whoa” Lawrence and Mario “Slater” Lopez kept me interested enough to tune into the season premier.

I was surprisingly impressed with Emmitt Smith. Not a huge shock because one of last year’s most talented dancers was Jerry Rice. Something about those up-downs I guess. I also love Emmitt Smith’s dance partner, Cherly Burke, last year’s winner with Drew Lachey (my personal choice for winner).
I think Joey Lawrence was robbed by the judges cause he was the first to dance and his scores were pretty low. But he was awesome! And HOT!

Mario Lopez showed some amazing hip action and as a result is currently in first place. I think there will be some interesting drama this season between him and his dance partner.

Harry Hamlin was a huge disappointment! His wife Lisa Rina was a front runner last season. So one would think that some of her talent would have rubbed off on him. Certainly not the case, but maybe he’ll improve.

Laugh if you want, but I challenge you to watch an episode and I bet you’ll be hooked too 😉

Bad movies, bad music, and bad tv; that’s the charm of me!


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