Political Soapbox – Part 2

Ok, I’m on a political roll!

Michael J. Fox is speaking out in favor of candidates in support of stem cell research. Since his diagnosis with early onset Parkinson’s Disease, he has been an outspoken advocate on the need for further stem cell research.

I watched his tv spot in support of Senate candidate Claire McCaskill in Missouri along with about a million other people on youtube.com. Not once did it cross my mind that he was acting or that he was exploiting his disease.

You may be wondering why in the hell I would feel the need to make this understood.

Well, it’s because it was reported in this article that Rush Limbaugh suggested that he believed Michael J. Fox to be acting in the tv ad! But being the sweet guy that he is, Rush did say that he apologized if in fact Michael J. Fox wasn’t acting.


Rush, you are an a**hole!

(But I apologize if you are just acting like an a**hole. )


One thought on “Political Soapbox – Part 2

  1. Well, I didn’t go into quite so much detail as I had planned. Mainly because the more I typed the more enraged I became. I was afraid that my rant would turn into a mindless venting of frustrations rather than an intelligent voicing of opinions.

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