Political Soapbox

I rarely get into political discussions with anyone. The beautiful thing about a blog is that it’s simply a spewing of my own thoughts and opinions. Therefore, I decided to uncharacteristically get on my political soapbox and spew forth some opinions.

Another beautiful thing about a blog, you, the reader, can simply move on to another blog that mirrors your own opinions or stick around and possibly learn something.

You may have noticed a couple of changes to my blog. I’ve added a tagline below my blog’s title, “Marriage is a right, not a heterosexual privilege.” I also added a link to a site that opposes the proposed Marshall/Newman amendment.

I completely oppose this amendment! It is not simply a gay issue! I beg you, please, get informed!

A recent poll indicates that while opposition to the amendment is gaining, those in favor of the change are still in the majority.

The spread between those opposed and those in favor is quite small. If you’ve ever thought that your vote didn’t make a difference, this is the time to realize that it truly does. Get informed and get out there and vote.

Those opposing the amendment, Vote “No” on November 7th!

Those in favor of the amendment, this year’s election date has been changed to November 14th! Please make note of this on your calendar!


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