7 years ago today…

Part 1:

Seven years ago today, I remember so vividly walking into Riverside Hospital with my mom, our arms full of pillows, bags, and other things I swore I needed but never ended up using,  past the enormous lit up tree in front of the hospital at 5:00 in the morning.

I was on my way to have my baby. The doctor had decided that I should be induced due to high blood pressure. So here I was two weeks early at the hospital and I had just found out two days earlier that this would be the day I would have my baby.

But it wasn’t the day I had Jackson. Jackson was born just before 1am on December 23rd.

Going into the hospital, this was my plan. It was a Wednesday so Beverly Hills, 90210 was coming on at 8pm. I’d have Jackson by mid-afternoon, take a nap, have a nice dinner, and I’d be snuggling my new baby in bed while watching 90210.

Yeah, that didn’t happen. What’s that they say about the best laid plans? And that shows you what a 23 year old comes up with for a birth plan.

So, I was in the hospital laboring. My mom came with me to the hospital. My best friend, Anne-Evan, came to visit and we sat and talked for what must have been an hour while my mom snoozed in a chair close by. Scott met us up at the hospital around noon. And there were many other visitors, including of course my step dad who stayed through the entire delivery (I still remember him huddled in the corner freezing and trying not to be noticed).

Seven years ago today, my life was about to change in ways that I could only imagine. And the ways that motherhood has changed my life are better than anything I ever imagined.


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