One Ambulance Ride and 4 hours in the ER later…

Jax in the ER

No, I’m not some photo-freak that made sure she grabbed the camera before heading off in the ambulance! The camera was already in my purse because we celebrated Jackson’s birthday the night before.

Our morning started off incredibly exciting. More excitement in fact than I would ever care to have again.

Jackson took a ride in an ambulance this morning and then had numerous tests in the ER including a CT scan and bloodwork. Everything came back normal, so there is no indication as to why he had a grand mal seizure this morning.

If you need or want more details, call me and I will fill you in. I’ll post more information later. We just returned from the hospital and to be honest, I’m in a complete daze. I thought once all the tests came back and I knew all was ok, I’d be back to normal. But now I’m dreading letting Jax out of my sight and the thought of putting him to bed tonight is terrifying.


3 thoughts on “One Ambulance Ride and 4 hours in the ER later…

  1. Hey I was thinking about you today wondering how Jackson did thru the night. It was really good to see you guys, sorry I popped in unannounced. I hope you have a Happy New Year!

  2. Hey There! No need to apologize! I’m so glad you stopped by! Jax was so happy to see you. As soon as I told him that you were coming up, he jumped up and tried to start cleaning. After you left, he asked if you and Chad had moved back in upstairs. He misses you guys so much.

    Jax is doing great. You’d never know anything happened. I let him go to the playground today. He played for an hour and there were no problems. I nearly lost my mind but I’m not going to bounce back as quickly he did. Thanks for thinking of us!

    Have a safe trip home and have fun in New Orleans for New Year’s!! I’m going to try to come visit you while Chad is still in Guam. We can have a girls weekend of fun!

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