Unusual January Holidays and Observances

Time to get back to the fun of this blog!

Here are some unusual holidays and observances for January.

International Life Balance Month

(easier than balancing your checkbook)

Jump Out of Bed Month

(you do not necessarily have to be running late, but it does help)

National Mail Order Gardening Month

(I can only assume that June is National Mail Order Bride Month)

Someday We’ll Laugh About This Week (Jan. 2-6)

National No Tillage Week (Jan. 10-13)

(this has nothing to do with pillaging, trust me I looked it up)

Hunt for Happiness Week (Jan. 21-27)

(Duck Season! Wabbit Season! NO! It’s Happiness Season!

Shhhhh! Be vewy, vewy quiet, I’m hunting happiness…hee hee)

No Name Calling Week (Jan. 22-26)

Happy Mew Year for Cats Day (Jan. 2)

(Lilly got so wasted on catnip that she doesn’t remember anything about her Mew Year’s Eve Party)

Dimpled Chad Day (Jan. 4)

(It’s…the Chad)

I’m Not Going to Take It Anymore Day (Jan. 7)

(brought to you by Twisted Sister)

Show and Tell Day at Work (Jan. 8 )

(this one is going to get someone in trouble, I just know it)

Appreciate a Dragon Day (Jan. 16)

(if you know me, you know what this one’s all about, and if you like me, you know what to do 😉 )

Fancy Rat and Mouse Day (Jan. 20)

(surely this was started by Walt Disney)

National Hugging Day (Jan. 21)

Answer your Cat’s Questions Day (Jan. 22)

(I think the answer is always food, preferably wet food)

National Compliment Day (Jan. 24)

(women want the two C’s … compliments and cunnilingus)

Fun at Work Day (Jan. 26)

(it’s a shame this didn’t coincide with Show and Tell Day at Work)

Thomas Crapper Day (Jan. 27)

Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day (Jan. 29)

As always, these came from here.

And just a thought, why are so many of the week long observances substantially less than a full week?


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