Update on Jackson

I took Jackson to the pediatrician today for a routine check up. Luckily we already had the appointment scheduled before he had a seizure a week and a half ago. So it was a great opportunity to ask a million questions and hopefully set my mind at ease.

The pediatrician recommended a consultation with a pediatric neurologist and an EEG. I am relieved that an EEG was ordered. However I was a little disappointed that the pediatrician didn’t offer the warm and fuzzies that everyone else has been doling out. But I did feel respected as a concerned parent.

So more updates to follow. Heartfelt thanks to everyone that has expressed their concerns and offered their support, I don’t know what I would do without any of you!


2 thoughts on “Update on Jackson

  1. Hey girl sorry to hear about what your son is going thru if you need anything let me know. Isabel has seen a neurologist for behavior problems and I really like him. So i’m not sure who you were referred to but Dr. Northam with CHKD is good!

  2. Thank you so much, Misty! I had no clue about a pediatric neurologist. It just so happens that Jackson’s pediatrician recommended Dr. Northam so I feel much more at ease about the entire thing.

    The EEG is scheduled for next month but unfortunately we can’t get into see the neurologist for a few months. But we are on the cancelation list so hopefully something will open up sooner. Also my mother assures me that if something alarming shows up on the EEG, they will get us in sooner.

    Thanks again to all of you!!

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