Wait Till We Get Our Christina on You!

Here’s something fun, turn your name into a slogan! Go here.

Here are some of my other favorites (ok, it was so much fun that these are a lot of my favorites):

Mama Mia, That’sa One Spicy Christina! (sweet and spicy!)

Christina Comes to Those Who Wait. (don’t worry you won’t have to wait long)

Prolongs Active Christina. (it’s Christinagra)

A Taste For Christina. (you know you got it, give in to it)

A Smooth-Running Christina is a Relaxing Experience. (oh yeah!)

The Incredible, Edible Christina. (sorry couldn’t resist gettin’ nasty)

How Many Licks Does it Take to Get to the Center of a Christina? (trust me, it takes a lot but I’ll let you know when you’re close)

Nothing Sucks Like A Christina. (dontcha wish your girlfriend was a freak like me?)

I’m Cuckoo For Christina. (I’m magically delicious too)

You Need A Christina. (and you know you want one)

I Feel Like Christina Tonight. (I feel like Christina every night)

Naughty, but Christina. (perfect combination)

Nobody Does It Like Christina. (need I say more)

It Needn’t Be Hell With Christina. (but I’ll make you miserable if that’s what turns you on)

We Do Christina Right. (who’s “We” and when do they arrive?)

Happiness is Christina-Shaped. (ahhhh, this makes me feel so good about myself)

There’s More Than One Way To Eat A Christina. (and I’m willing to patiently let you try them all)

Just Do Christina. (’nuff said)


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