Valentine’s Day Ideas

Well, it’s almost that time of year again. The day that single people all over the world dread…VALENTINE’S DAY!

For all of you lucky enough to have a Valentine to call your very own but perhaps not lucky enough to have the extra funds to show your love, here are some cheap but thoughtful ideas.

1. Paint or decorate a large rock. On the bottom of the rock, write “You ROCK my world!”

2. If you and your Valentine have fallen on hard times, cut a heart out of sandpaper and write some sort of sentiment about seeing each other through life’s “rough” patches.

3. Dress up as a pirate. Show up at your Valentine’s door and say “I’m a love pirate and I’m here for your booty!”

4. Decorate an old key and tell your Valentine it’s the key to your heart.

5. Make heart shaped pancakes and serve your Valentine breakfast in bed.

6. Use red soap crayons and decorate the shower with sweet nothings and hearts. To complete the gift, clean the shower yourself!

Well, that’s all the unique ideas I have. Of course there’s the old stand-by romantic ideas of a love coupon book or a sensual massage. I’m certianly not knocking a massage but you didn’t need my help to think of that one 😉


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