Valentine’s Day…Bite Me

Ok, so I did the helpful, sweet, friendly Valentine’s Day post. Now it’s time to express my true feelings about Valentine’s Day.

I hate Valentine’s Day! I’ve hated it since I was a kid (long story, not going into it here, wait for the book). Even when I’ve been in a relationship, Valentine’s Day has never ranked top on my list of holidays to celebrate. Of course, being in a relationship makes it a little easier to acknowledge the holiday without being bitter and cynical.

Alas, I am not in a relationship this Valentine’s Day (longer story, not going into it here, don’t look for a book). So I’m embracing my cynicism and bitterness and proudly displaying them to the world!

Here are a few of my cynical remarks regarding Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day…Bite Me!

Red Rover, Red Rover, Send attractive, financially stable, emotionally available men right over…GAME OVER!

Studies show that lack of sex causes bitterness…Happy Friggin’ Valentine’s Day!


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