Maury “Who’s Your Daddy?” Povich

Today is Presiden’ts Day and thus a holiday from work and school. So I caught up on a little daytime television.

I was flipping channels while waiting for Oprah to come on (come on! Colin Cowie was on). Anyway, I landed on Maury and decided to waste 30 minutes. Imagine my surprise when the topic of the show was “You’re my baby’s daddy, and I can prove it!” Does this guy cover any other topics? I don’t watch daytime TV often, since I work during the day, but it seems every time I’m home sick or home with Jax, Maury is doling out paternity test results.

I’m convinced these women simply want to be on TV. There’s no way these women can be so clueless about their baby’s biological father’s identity. It’s not that hard to figure out when you got knocked up. If these women are having that much unprotected sex in such a tiny window of time, then Maury should also be doling out STD test results.

Jax has been sick since Friday. It’s just a virus but it’s knocked him out pretty good. Hopefully he’ll be well enough to go to school tomorrow. And hopefully I’ve avoided catching the virile bug!

So, Happy President’s Day! Jax keeps asking how we celebrate this holiday. I think he wants to make sure he doesn’t miss out on a holiday that includes gifts and/or cupcakes! Imagine his disappointment when he discovers St. Nicholas Day and has to deal with the fact that his mom can’t get it together year after year to acknowledge that holiday!


3 thoughts on “Maury “Who’s Your Daddy?” Povich

  1. Hey now, don’t knock sluts! Just ’cause a girl has the ability to multitask….

    Besides, you’re assuming that the woman slept with all these men a different times……

  2. Ok, so Jax and I were home once again today and I made it a point to check in on Maury “Who’s your daddy?” Povich and today’s topic was something along the lines of “Stop my 14 year old from beating me and prostituting!” So I retract my previous accusation that all of his shows are about paternity results.

  3. hey iwas on that show and im here to tell ya its all fake and i had to give them what they wanted after learning this after i got there,and after the show we all where in the back party

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