Rough Week

I just re-read my last blog entry. The part about Jax having a virus and my hopes of him returning to school the next day made me laugh! Jax has been out of school since last Friday. What started out as a virus has turned into an asthmatic symptom-inducing spawn of satan.

2 trips to the doctor this week…$35.00 and 6 hours

4 new prescriptions…$40.00 and 3 hours

4 sleepless nights, 7 days of indoor boredom

I’m sure there’s more to add to the list of how this past week breaks down but my brain is too zapped to come up with anything else.

Also, I’ve missed work since Friday (well, I wouldn’t say I’ve been missing it). Apparently my absence has thrown the entire office into the depths of hell. Indispensability has its problems.

Have a great weekend!


3 thoughts on “Rough Week

  1. Other crap that happened in the past week that under normal circumstances would have easily been handled but with all the other stuff going on was almost too much for me:

    – Doc fussed at me for not starting asthma meds sooner
    – Boss fussed at me for not following proper protocol for calling in sick (did not know proper protocol as I have had no less than 7 different supervisors in the past 6 years)

    – Toilet in Jackson’s bathroom broke and flooded the bathroom…twice

    – Brand new fish found floating in tank…after I sent Jax in to excitedly show off his new fish to Nana, of course
    – 3 hours at the doctor’s office
    – 3 different pharmacies and still didn’t get the meds we needed
    – miscommunication with final pharmacy resulting in a 2 hour wait
    – maintenance flooded the bathroom again while trying to fix toilet

    – maintenance shows up to fix toilet…3 hours later, it’s fixed
    – dryer breaks…again…with two loads of wet laundry waiting

    I’m pretty sure there was some other crap on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday but luckily I’ve forgotten 😉

    None of these things are particularly devestating, except the untimely death of the fish of course, but all of these one right after the other on top of a sick child and minor sleep deprivation, was a little more than I care to handle in one week.

    Here’s to the beginning of a new week and hopefully a much less eventful one!

  2. Hey There! Jax is doing much better. He finally started improving on Saturday. He’s still getting nebulizer treatments three times a day through today. But he’s much better and so am I!

    Thanks, I was ready for a change on the page. I like to try out the new layouts when they come along.

    Hope you are doing well! Miss you so much!

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