I have pneumonia…

…and it sucks!

I’ve been sick since Saturday. Running a fever, body aches, little bit of cough, and general malaise. Went to the doc on Sunday and was diagnosed with a flu-like virus. Went home to get well.

Missed work on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (although I had already planned to miss Wednesday in order to take Jax to CHKD). I wasn’t improving and the cough had worsened.

So, although I felt like a big baby, I went back to the doc today hoping to get some strong cough meds. Crackling in my lungs led to a breathing treatment, which led to a chest x-ray, which led to a diagnosis of pneumonia. Pretty serious pneumonia apparently. The diagnosis led to bloodwork and IV meds which led to 8 sticks (one in each arm, two in each hand, and two in my left foot) and a shot in the butt!

Now, I have a tattoo on my right foot. I’m also the first to admit that my pain threshold has decreased a lot since having Jax (post-foot tattoo). But a needle in the foot was unlike any pain I could have ever been prepared for. I made the most ridiculous sobbing animalistic sounds. Talk about feeling like a big baby.

So, I may be a big baby when it comes to needles (unless they are of the tattoo variety) but when it comes to being ill, I’m a friggin’ trooper! The doc kept asking if I was sure I wasn’t feeling worse. So I still ROCK!


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