Pneumonia still sucks

I went back to the doctor yesterday (only 2 pricks of my fingers and a shot in the butt this time). I still have pneumonia but the x-ray did show improvement since Thursday’s x-ray. YAY!

If there’s improvement, why don’t I feel any better? I wouldn’t say that I feel worse, but I can honestly say that I feel absolutely no better, at all.

I’ve been sick now for 10 days. The only time I’ve left my apartment is to go to the doctor three times and one trip out to my car to get a case of sodas. Living on the second floor with pneumonia is a bit of a cruel joke.

The worst part is that I keep hearing that it can take up to 6 weeks to feel normal again!

If I could take a deep breath, I’d sigh audibly and then cry!


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