A Pox Upon Our House!

Yep, Jackson has chicken pox (despite having the vaccination).

We (mom, Jax, and I) went to Norfolk Thursday night in preparation for Jackson’s MRI. As we headed to the pool, I noticed red spots all over Jackson’s back. Mom confirmed they were indeed pox.

Luckily they went ahead with the MRI Friday morning. The worst part, as I suspected it would be, was Jax getting the IV. After a lot of screaming, crying, and fighting, he actually said it wasn’t so bad.

Jax woke up from the anesthesia pretty easily and proved to be very amusing. The nurses and doctors told us he’d basically act like he was drunk. With that being said, he could either be a mean drunk or a happy drunk. Luckily, Jax ended up being a happy drunk.

So yesterday was spent stumbling around, saying silly things, seeing double at times, itching, and sleeping.

Early this morning, the GI side effects of the anesthesia started and I won’t discuss the details here.

So, for the 4th or 5th weekend in a row, Jax and I are stuck in the apartment. Unfortunately this weekend we actually feel up to going out and having some fun though, so it’s a bit tougher than past weekends.

Since Jackson has had the vaccine, his bout with chicken pox should be less severe (*fingers crossed*).

Results from the MRI are expected early next week!


One thought on “A Pox Upon Our House!

  1. It looks like Jackson’s bout with chicken pox is just about over! Most of his pox have disappeared and the few that are left have scabbed over. So he’s headed back to school tomorrow!!


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