Yep, I’m a Red Sox fan, and a superstitious one!

Friday night, I settled in to watch the first Red Sox-Yankees match up of the season. I unexpectedly had to leave and go to my parent’s house. No matter, I can watch the game from there.

I stayed through the 4th inning and left with the teams tied. As soon as I got home, the Red Sox started scoring, put up three runs in the 5th inning, and went on to win the game. Note to self, do not watch Red Sox-Yankees games at my parent’s house.

I missed Saturday’s game because I was enjoying myself in Baltimore. Although, I did call my mom to check the scores (4-2, Yankees). While on the phone with her, the Red Sox scored two runs to tie the game. We then discovered that Joe could check the scores from his phone. Phew! We watched the out of town scoreboard during the O’s game, waiting for the final score of the Boston-Yankees game. It popped up, Red Sox win 7-5!

Once again, Sunday night I was all set to watch the final game of the three game series from the comfort of my apartment. And once again, due to poor planning on my part, I had to go to my parent’s house. Ok, I’m going to watch the game from there again.

I stayed through the top of the 3rd inning (3-0, Yankees). By the time I got home, Varitek was scoring the 4th home-run in a row! Tying a Major League record and a first in Red Sox history! I enjoyed the rest of the game from the comfort of my own apartment. Of course the Red Sox went on to win the final game in the series and swept the Yankees for the first time since 1990!

Go BoSox!!


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