Does a good kisser + a bad kisser = bad kissing?

If two bad kissers are together, do they think they’re good kissers?

Can a bad kisser be turned into a good kisser?

Will a male bad kisser follow the lead of a good female kisser?

Just some of the ponderings a friend and I debated over e-mail the other day.


3 thoughts on “K-I-S-S-I-N-G

  1. 1. No GK+BKC=3[(GKBK)-g]

    2. No

    3. No, but they can learn to use their bad kissing skills in other ways

    4. No F/M = -M

  2. Then you have to ponder…..is there really a such thing as a BAD kisser? or are they someone who is just “kiss-incompatible” with you? That said I have kissed at least two people that I did not enjoy my first kiss with. But, as our relationship developed, the kissing got better. So, to the list:

    I think a negative and a positive make a negative in this situation.

    I think 2 bad kisses could be compatible kissers, but I am WAY too cocky to think I could ever really find out.

    I think we can all change our kissing style. I sure as hell don’t kiss the same way I did when I kissed Patty Gardiner in 9th grade (my first kiss). Maybe I could start a kissing class……nah…not THAT cocky! 😉

    I think kissing is a primal instinct and that the male generally has the lead in changing kisses. That said, a female-dominated relationship may have the lady changing the man’s kissing habits.

  3. I have only been able to change the kissing habits of one bad male kisser. Reconnecting with him some months later revealed that the lessons didn’t stick.

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