Jax Earns the Tiger Badge

Jackson has almost completed his first year in Cub Scouts.

Although Jax is a Tiger Cub, the first badge any new Cub Scout earns is the Bobcat badge. After a long wait, Jax earned his Bobcat Badge in March.
bobcat1.jpg bobcat3.jpg Getting his badge and war paint

Last night, he earned his Tiger Badge and crossed over as a Wolf Cub!

tiger1.jpg War paint

tiger2.jpg Officially a Tiger Cub

tiger3.jpg Crossing over as a Wolf Cub

And an update on the popcorn sale, Jax sold enough popcorn to earn the Popcorn Selling Badge and a pocket knife (which he is so excited about but can’t carry until he’s a Bear Cub (shhh, don’t tell him that)).

popcorn1.jpg Congratulations for popcorn sales.

popcorn2.jpg Look at that smile, that’s when he found out that he earned a pocket knife!


2 thoughts on “Jax Earns the Tiger Badge

  1. Jax is (and has been for months) in a major growth spurt. It is crazy how quickly he’s growing. I swear I can watch his pants get shorter as he walks down the hallway. He is now almost up to my shoulder. Granted, I’m short so that’s not saying much, but I’m thinkin’ that the kid might be tall after all!

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