Unusual June Holidays and Observances (Take 2)

One year ago this month was my first installment of Unusual Monthly Holidays and Observances. Here are some new ones that struck me as amusing.


Hug Your Cat Day (June 1)


Leave the Office Early Day (June 1)


National Bubba Day (June 2)


(Daniel) Boone Day (June 7)


Upsy Daisy Day (June 8 )


Bloomsday (June 16)


World Sauntering Day (June 19)


Juneteenth (June 19)


Stupid Guy Thing Day (June 22)

Found these here


5 thoughts on “Unusual June Holidays and Observances (Take 2)

  1. How did you miss that June is BOTH Gay & Lesbian Pride Month and Celibacy Awareness Month….

    Oh sweet irony!

  2. I didn’t miss them. I said quite a bit about the celibacy celebration in last year’s post and didn’t want to beat that celibate horse to death.

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