Just wanted to share a new find in the world of snacking…SoyJoy bars!

I was watching TV a few weeks ago and saw an ad to get three bars sent to you for free. I figured what the hell, worth a shot, I mean it’s free.

Well, they finally arrived yesterday. Honestly I didn’t have high hopes for these things. I knew they were healthier than other snack bars, but seriously whoever thought of soy as sounding appetizing.

Running late for work this morning, I threw the bars into my bag and headed out the door. Mid-morning snack time! Decisions, decisions, decisions. Should I try the Mango Coconut, Apple, or Berry bar, hmmm? (I was so relieved they didn’t send the Raisin Almond bar cause while I love almonds, I hate raisins.)

I opted for the Mango Coconut. OMG, yummmmm! Seriously, yummy! And it’s healthy! (It was so good that I think I’ll even try the Raisin Almond)

I’m going to the store during lunch today to buy more. I can’t wait to see if Jax will eat them!

I highly recommend you pick up a few of these and try them for yourself. I had hoped to pass along the special of getting three bars to try for free, but sadly that promotion is over. But if you go to the website, you can get a coupon for $1 off the purchase of 3 bars!

Enjoy…and don’t feel guilty!!


3 thoughts on “Yummmm!

  1. You understand that Jax will only like them until you buy a box of 50, then they won’t be yummy to him anymore…

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