Not the BIG News

Just wanted to have a little fun before the “Big News” reveal 😉

The following things are not the big announcement:

I’m not pregnant!

I’m not getting married!

I’m not getting a new car…yet!

I haven’t joined a religious cult.

I’m not getting surgery of any kind.

“Big News” reveal coming very soon!


6 thoughts on “Not the BIG News

  1. Are you joining the space program?

    climbing Everest?

    getting a pet komodo dragon?

    joining a heavy metal band?

    changing genders?

    buying a helicopter?

    selling your spleen?

    Those are my top guesses. If it’s none of those, I’m stumped.

  2. No nothing that exciting either. This is one of those situations where the build-up is so grandiose that the actual news, while exciting, is pretty much a letdown 😉

    Weird that you somehow knew komodo dragons are one of my favorite animals. Kinda creepy.

  3. Seriously?? That’s just a messed up coincidence.

    The joke is that I was suggesting things that I couldn’t even conceive of most people wanting to do. I jokingly wondered if you were getting a komodo dragon because I’ve never heard of anyone anywhere liking them.

    It would be kind of like someone asking if you just got a pet emu. Obviously, in that situation, they’re kidding.

    Hey, if you dig komodo dragons, more power to you.

  4. you’ve turned gay?
    Formed a super-group with Ted Nugent and The Pet Shop Boys?
    You’re getting t-rex arms?
    you’re the father of Anna Nicoles Baby?
    Dating Lindsey Lohan?

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