Dream House

Hey There. This weekend was spent house-hunting! My mom, Jax, and I traveled north in the hopes of coming back with a new address for me and Jax.

It didn’t quite work out that way.

But, we did find a perfect townhouse!

Please say a prayer, cross your fingers, pluck a chicken, kiss a snake on the head, whatever it takes to send good ju-ju our way so that we get this house!

Hopefully we’ll know tomorrow….


4 thoughts on “Dream House

  1. This morning’s news reported that Michael Jackson is looking for a home in Maryland. Hopefully you two don’t end up trying to get the same place.

    And no, you cannot be roommates. I know he has a Llama, and that’s pretty cool, but still…..

  2. Yeah, I saw that. Scary!

    I think he’s looking for something on the shore so not too much fear of us living near each other.

    Isn’t he broke now? I’ll be damned if I live with some mooching broke-ass freak!

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