My mother and my oldest brother, Tommy, God bless them, are over at my old apartment packing all of my belongings while I’m up here in Maryland making the big bucks. I just cannot thank them enough!

After spending all day packing yesterday, I got a phone call that there was a fire in my apartment complex. GASP! Luckily it wasn’t my building or one of the adjoining buildings.

I wasn’t as upset about the possibility of losing all of my stuff as I was so worried that they had done all of that work for nothing. I mean if things are going to lost in fire, isn’t it better for the place to be a mess rather than all neatly packed and waiting for pick-up?

Here’s the article. Thank God no one was seriously hurt!

And all who have helped me with this move, get ready for a fabulous dinner out, my treat! It’s the least I can do. I never could have done any of this without all of your help, support, and love. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, a million times thank you!


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