I’m still here, well, here and there anyway.

The majority of my belongings arrived Friday afternoon. Thank you, Tommy, Nemo, Ed, and Mitch for all of your brute strength and absolute lack of bitching (insert sarcastic eye rolling).

A lot of sweat, a few tears, and (thankfully) no blood (yet) later…the house is coming together beautifully!

I painted the kitchen last week. It was lavendar (gross) and now it’s brick red (fabulous). Before and after pictures coming soon (I’m still without regular computer access).

I’ve decided on a theme for the den in the basement. Nemo said that the steps leading down reminded him of a beach house, so that was my inspiration. I’m doing a beach cottage theme which I am so excited about. It worked out well that my current living room furniture wouldn’t fit downstairs so I’m shopping for new furniture.

Jax (Jaximus Prime) wants a new bed, bunk beds of course, so we’re shopping for that too. He’s anxious for his buddy Gage to come for a visit.

My bedroom is French Country, mais bien sûr.

I haven’t decided how to decorate the Guest Bedroom yet. Any ideas? Don’t even bother suggesting Star Wars.

The main floor is going to be in rich golds, browns, and reds. A very warm welcoming into our home. Next on the list of rooms to paint is the half bath on this level.

Jax is adorable. When we’re upstairs on the top level, he says he’s going down-downstairs to play. But if we’re on the main level, he’s just going downstairs to play. Same if he’s in the basement, he’s going up-upstairs to his room. He was relocating boxes from his room to the guest room and figured out that he could use his roll around tv chair to move the boxes more easily. I was impressed with his problem solving skills.

Mom and Jax are in town visiting right now. Unfortunately they’re leaving tomorrow but without my mom’s help, the house wouldn’t be coming together as nicely as it is.

I’m sure there will be a lot more sweat, a few more tears, and eventually some blood as we make this new place into our home. Whoever thought this Virginia girl would be calling Maryland “home!”


One thought on “Unpacking

  1. You read my mind…it will be a Red Sox theme!

    I think it will be nice to have a room for all of my Red Sox memorabilia. I decided that I didn’t want my Red Sox “Last Supper” print in the dining room so I was trying to figure out a place to hang it, and ta-da inspiration!

    Besides how fun will it be to welcome my step dad, a lifelong Yankees fan, into that room for his overnight stays!

    It’s not going to be decked out “Fever Pitch” style. I’m going to keep it tasteful and fun.

    The Star Wars thing was directed at Scott. I started to list a bunch of themes that would be vetoed but the list was just too long. Of course black and orange for the O’s was going to be on that list specifically for you, Joe!

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