I’m becoming quite the handy girl

I’ve never played the whole damsel in distress part, although I’m sure I’ve batted my eyelashes in true southern belle fashion to get things done. Usually when something needed to be hung, moved, or installed, I did what any girl would do, I called Daddy! Well, Daddy (Ed) isn’t just down the road anymore so this gal has to learn to do for herself.

I bought my first power tool, a drill. It’s small but it does the trick. To my mom’s relief, it’s not pink. So, power tool in hand, I was off to see what I could do.

I painted the half bath on the main floor. It was an awful shade of colonial blue and now it’s a rich gold. I hung a new towel ring (with my new drill) to match the wood trim that was already in there. Now I’m just looking for the perfect accessories, soap dispenser, trach can, etc.

For some ridiculous reason, the owners had installed two door knobs on the front door. Seriously, two door knobs! One that locked and one that didn’t. And the kicker was that one door knob was brass and the other was brushed steel. So I bought a bolt lock to replace the superfluous door knob, in brass of course. I installed it all by myself with my new drill!

I did a few other little things but by Sunday afternoon I was bored and antsy. I decided that I needed another project but couldn’t find one that was quite ready to be tackled.


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