What I’ve Been Up To

I have been very busy around the new house in an effort to make it my own.

Unfortunately the thought to take before pictures always came in the middle or near the end of the project (OOPS). Here are some pics of my latest efforts.

The half bath on the main floor:

It used to be a powder colonial blue. There was this awful border paper along the ceiling that had blue flowers and blue lace fans all over it.

100_1282.jpg 100_1283.jpg 100_1288.jpg

Now it’s kind of golden yellow with a red and pink cabbage roses motif. It flows well with the warm colors on the rest of the main floor.

I had no idea how dirty my mirror was (yuck). It’s from wiping it off after dripping paint on it (oops). The third picture is from the perspective of the shelf hanging over the toilet looking into the mirror. It seemed to be the best way to get a picture of the majority of the room in one shot. It’s hard to take pictures of a bathroom!

My “new” bedside tables:

I had planned to buy new bedside tables. But I wasn’t finding what I wanted for what I was willing to pay. So I decided to paint my old ones and use them for the time being.

100-12891.jpg 100_1290.jpg 100_1291.jpg

I really wish I had taken a before picture of these. I’ve had them for years. They used to be off-white with green trim and flowers painted on the doors and the tops. Now they’re white, which matches my new headboard, with pink trim, pink fleur de lis, and pink cabbage roses. Bet you can’t guess the color scheme of my room!

I only wish I had realized that one of the doors could have been flipped so that the tables opened the same way on either side of the bed, rather than being exact matches. Oh well.

My next task is to paint the desk I had as a child. It’s going to be my vanity table in my bedroom. Seriously I had this desk when I was 5!

I’m also on the lookout for a fabulous chest of drawers. I’m hoping to find something used and cheap that is totally the wrong color so I can have another project! I love the feeling of transforming a piece of furniture from something not so great into the perfect piece for a room!

I discovered the before pictures of my kitchen last night. So as soon as I take after pictures, I’ll post the actual transformation 😉

I will also try to remember to take before pictures of future projects!


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