Cat Calisthenics

lilly.jpg This was Lilly’s 3rd set of 10 reps.

Actually she likes to sit on the banister. As many of you know, she’s not the most graceful cat. So I’ve tried to explain to her that sitting on the banister is not really the best idea but she’s chosen to ignore me.

Well, the other morning, she was sitting on the banister, proving me wrong, of course. But she decided to mix it up a little and chase her tail between the slats. I quickly grabbed my camera, knowing this was going to end badly.

Inevitably she started to fall. After snapping the pic, I did put the camera down to help her, but there were a lot of claws sticking out and she seemed to say “Back off, Bitch!”

Lily landed safely on the landing a few inches below. Nothing was hurt, including her pride, and she didn’t learn a damn thing…right back on the banister that afternoon.


One thought on “Cat Calisthenics

  1. You could send her picture in to ‘Things On My Cat’!!! oh wait…..Things on.. How about a new web site, ‘Lilly On/Off Things’ it would be a gas!! did I really say a gas?

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