Where I’d rather be…

The weather here is beautiful! The vastly different weather was one thing I hadn’t expected when moving.

Today is one of those perfect days. The sun is shining but it’s not hot and it’s certainly not humid. There’s a soft breeze blowing through the trees which just accentuates all the beautiful colors of the changing leaves.

It’s the kind of day where all you want to do is lay on a blanket under a tree and let the world wash away. Maybe take a snooze, lay quietly and think of all the good things in life, or watch the puffy clouds drift by and look for animals in the sky.

That’s where I wish I was right now…on a blanket under a tree.

But alas…I have to work inside under the glare of fluorescent light so I can earn a paycheck which affords me the blessing of living in this beautiful new town. A town that I grow to love more and more everyday…more than I ever thought I would.

A town that I find myself calling home.


3 thoughts on “Where I’d rather be…

  1. I know, what a difference a day makes! Today is a cool, crisp fall day for sure! I need to pull out my pashmina…thanks for reminding me!

    Update: Found my pashmina this morning…ahhhhhh!

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