I got a promotion! That’s right, only three and a half months at the new job and I’ve proven myself enough to get a great promotion and great new projects!

In case any of you are keeping track, I was at that other job for three years before my first promotion. Three years later, the promise of another promotion began and lasted for a year with no results.

I also just bought a NEW CAR! A 2007 Hyundai Tucson Limited. Pictures of my Tucson soon (give me a break, I’ve been too busy out there driving to take pictures)! Here are some of the awesome details:

Platinum (Silver) with Grey Leather Interior

Automatic 4-Wheel Drive and a V-6 Engine

Fully Loaded…seriously FULLY Loaded!

AM/FM/6-Disc Changer CD Audio System with Subwoofer

Heated Front Seats

Power Tilt-and-Slide Glass Sunroof with Sliding Sunshade

It’s been a pretty amazing week to say the least! Pictures coming soon!


As promised…pictures:

tucson.jpg My new wheels!

jax.jpg Jax was sad to leave the old car, but he’s quickly beginning to love the new one!

sunroof.jpg Jax demonstrating the coolness of the sunroof!

controls.jpg I guess the magic happens under the hood, but this is where I make it happen 😉

boosterseat.jpg Jackson got a new booster seat for the new car. There was no way I was putting his yucky old one on my brand new leather seats 😉 Besides this one has leather trim that matches the new seats!


6 thoughts on “BIG NEWS

  1. It still doesn’t talk or have a little light that goes back and forth on the front like KITT. Ah, KITT – now there was a car to be proud of….

    Still, it is pretty cool

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