Snow Sweet!

We had our first snow!

First snow of the season…First snow in our new house!

The news claims that we only got a few inches but I swear it was closer to six! Anyway, however much it amounted to, it was perfect for playing in and play we did!

My mom arrived Tuesday afternoon for a short visit. She was bringing the rest of my Christmas decorations and the loot from our after Thanksgiving shopping spree. We knew snow was predicted but had no idea what to expect.

So, onto Wednesday morning. We woke up and saw that there was indeed snow falling and lightly covering the cars and yards. School was open so we bundled up and walked Jax to school. We assured him that there would be plenty of snow to play in when he got home that afternoon. Then mom and I were off to run errands, finish up Christmas shopping, and see the beautiful sights of my new neighborhood and the surrounding areas, made even more beautiful beneath a blanket of snow.

We picked Jax up from school a little earlier than usual and headed home to bundle up for some outdoor fun. I had started a stew in the crock-pot before heading out with mom, so we had a yummy dinner to look forward to after our snowy fun. We had snowball fights, rolled down hills, tried sledding, and just enjoyed the snow and each other. After a long night of playing in the snow, we came in for dinner and hot chocolate.

 This morning, schools were delayed for two hours so Jax got to play in the snow again before school. Jax was off to school, I was off to work, and my mom was headed back to Virginia by late morning, with wonderful memories keeping us smiling all day!

Jax got to play in the snow again tonight when we got home from school and work. Sledding was more successful with a  shiny new sled. Jax even did an awesome flip at the bottom of one of the hills.

063.jpg 065.jpg 071.jpg 094.jpg


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