Happy Birthday, Jackson!

Today is Jackson’s 8th birthday.

It’s been a pretty quiet day but a fairly exciting weekend. Yesterday we were out running errands and needed to stop at PetSmart for an automatic water dish for Lilly.

Well, we got to looking at the little furry animals. Jax has really been wanting a pet of his own and I’ve been steering him away from fish…AGAIN.

So, it looked like we might get a little mouse, but he bit the PetSmart employee and drew blood…not a good sign.

We loked at the Russian Dwarf Hamsters. They were adorable and I had hamsters when I was a kid.

So I asked the lady that was helping us what she recommended. She said that rats make excellent pets especially for a kid Jackson’s age. So we pulled one out and Jax fell in love. We then picked out all of the necessary accessories needed to make a rat happy.

She suggested getting two so they wouldn’t be lonely. Some have said she was an excellent salesperson, but all of the post-purchase research I’ve done has shown more than one rat in every household. So we have two new family members, Drake and Josh.

They were named after two step-brothers in one of Jackson’s favorite shows. I thought it was a clever choice in names and sure beats “Ratty 1” and “Ratty 2” which I was kind of expecting. They look quite different so they’re easy to tell apart. I’ll post pictures soon.

Oh, and the water dish we originally went for…I completely forgot to get it. I think my next trip to PetSmart will be sans Jax!

Jax also got the I Can Play Guitar for his birthday. He rocked out for a solid hour this morning. I’ll post pictures of the little rock star soon too 😉


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