Merry Christmas!!

Phew! I did it, the whole Christmas thing, as a single mom. This is probably the toughest time to be a single parent. No hubby to stay home with the kid so I can run out to grab those last few things. No second income to help pay for those last few things. No one to help put stuff under the tree or stuff stockings and most importantly, no one to help keep watch that the kid doesn’t sneak out of bed and bust you.

BUT…it’s also an amazing feeling to know that I pulled it off on my own.

Jackson and I had a wonderful Christmas! Although Jax didn’t get everything on his list, he was impressed that Santa came through with some great gifts that weren’t on his list. My parents, Tommy, and Don came over this afternoon to spend Christmas with us. We had a great time visiting, opening presents, and eating yummy food. Ed and Don also put together the Air Hockey table left by Santa (not an easy feat, it took them 45 minutes together, can’t imagine what state I would have been in had I tried to assemble it alone).

Here are the gift highlights:

To: Jackson; From: Santa

Nintendo DS Lite, a bunch of games, an awesome carrying case, Transformer Millenium Falcon, Cyber Stompin Bumblebee, MagnaSaurus, MagnaFormers (not on his list, last minute purchase, HUGE hit…SCORE), a new suitcase, and a bunch of other stuff

To: Jackson; From: Mommy

Maryland Terrapins Sweatshirt, Sponge Bob PJs, Surf’s Up DVD, and a painting kit

To: Jackson; From: Family

X-Rocker Video Chair, Star Wars Legos, Nerf Dart Shooter, Justice League DVD, PlayStation 2, and some other little things 

To: Me; From Santa

Sewing Machine, Jacket (except mine is red and black), Brown Mary Jane Pumps, Nintendo DS Lite, some games, Jewelry (diamond hoop earrings, 2 other pairs of earrings and a necklace), a new suitcase, and some other little things

To: Me; From: My Family

GPS (badly needed since I have a horrible sense of direction, I think my mom is tired of tracking me on Google Maps when I get lost…often), Backyard Fire Bowl (I gave one to each of my brothers and whined that I also wanted one, well I got one!), Perfume, ITunes gift card, an Advanced Reader Copy of Jennifer Weiner’s newest book, Certain Girls (it’s not coming out until April 2008 so this is very exciting!), and some other little things

Of course the most important thing about Christmas, and any holiday, spending time with family…check!

I hope that all of you reading this had a wonderful Christmas with your families, with much happiness, love, good health, and at least a little magic!


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