Coming to Terms…

I feel like this post is overdue. I just wasn’t able to talk about what’s going on I guess.

Jax and I saw the neurologist on Wednesday. As a result of having two seizures (no matter how far apart) and an abnormal EEG, Jax has been officially diagnosed with epilepsy. That’s all I know right now. I’ve done some online research. Most things I’ve read have been promising, some things I would rather have not found. But overall, I’m optimistic and hopeful.

Jackson had a second EEG on Saturday. It was again sleep deprived, so we stayed up until midnight and had to get up (and stay up) at 4 the next morning. I don’t know any results from this test yet and don’t expect to until Tuesday. I don’t even know what this test will tell us. I hope it includes severity, type of epilepsy, treatment options, odds of more seizures…basically a lot more info than I’m likely to get.

So this is where we are.


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