This is going to be short and sweet. If you know me, feel free to e-mail me and I’ll give you more details. I’m just not up for an extended blog tonight but I wanted to give some sort of update for those of you waiting to hear.

My mom and I met with Jackson’s neurologist today. Jackson didn’t need to be there for the appointment and we decided that it would be easier to discuss the results without him being there to hear everything.

Jax has Primary Generalized Epilepsy. He is taking medication and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that it will work for him. If it doesn’t, there’s another medicine to try and a further path forward that I don’t want to go into right now.

That’s truly all we know for sure. We don’t know if he will grow out of it. I know there are a million statistics out there and I know they’re all very promising. But to be perfectly honest, I don’t give a damn about the statistics.

So, this is where we are now. All we need right now are your positive thoughts and prayers. If we need anything else, I promise we will let you know.


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