Illness…actually, make that illnessES!

For almost two weeks, Jax and I have been battling one illness after another.

Sunday – I was diagnosed with bronchitis. Jax was also sick but it wasn’t too bad.

Monday – We both stayed home to get well.

Tuesday – We returned to work and school…against my better judgement. I left work early to deal with being sick and talk to Jackson’s teacher about a possible epileptic episode in class. It was a nightmare and if I think about it, I still get angry…very easily.

Wednesday – We returned to work and school again. Although I didn’t go into work until lunch time.

Thursday – We both went to school and work. But I had to pick Jax up around noon because he was running a fever. I took him to the doctor and he was diagnosed with the flu. This makes me realize that I probably also have the flu because the antibiotic I’ve been taking isn’t doing anything and I’m still running a fever off and on. The pediatrician told us we should both be in bed until Monday…no work and no school.

Friday through Sunday – We both laid low and pretty much stayed in bed and did nothing.

Monday – We returned to work and school. Both of us not feeling 100% but we gave it a shot. Again the school called me to pick Jax up because he was running a fever.

Tuesday – Jax was still running a fever so I kept him home so we could go back to the doctor. Now he has bronchitis that is quickly moving into pneumonia. Doctor instructed him to stay out of school the rest of the week.


Does everything have to happen all at once? Do you know how hard it is to take care of a sick kid when you are sick yourself? It sounds great to be out of work for a week with nothing to do but lay around in bed. But we both have cabin fever, we’re getting on each other’s nerves, and I have no sick leave or vacation!!

I’ve spent the last five days trying to get in touch with the school to develop a plan for Jackson now that he has been diagnosed with epilepsy. I’m not even going to get into all of that here. Let’s just say, I don’t think it’s being handled well and I go into that angry phase of acceptance very easily.

I hoped a ranting blog would make me feel a little better…eh, not so much…oh well.


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