How about some good news?

We had a football playoffs pool at work. I decided to give it a shot, picked my teams, paid my $10, and watched all of the games that first weekend.

Not knowing much about football, even less about the teams, and nothing about how a pool like this works I thought I was out of the running after the first weekend of games.

I actually still kept up with the games a little. I wouldn’t call myself a football fan but baseball season hadn’t started and with the writers’ strike, there wasn’t much else to watch.

Two weeks into the playoffs, I was stopped in the bathroom and congratulated on my team picks. Huh? Turns out, I wasn’t out of the game and it was actually looking like I was on my way to winning.

My BFF AE decided that it was time for me to learn something about football. I couldn’t very well accept my winnings and admit that I picked the winners based on cute QBs (thanks to a childhood crush on “the punky QB known as McMahon“). So she taught me the basics of the game.

Now I was in and I followed every last game with almost the same enthusiasm I have for baseball (ok, that’s a bit of an exageration, but even my mom said it sounded like I was talking about baseball at times).

Alas, the Patriots lost and that put me in third place for the office pool. But I still won a little money and made my dad proud!


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