Follow-up to Failing as a Mom

I purposely turned off comments for the post about my feeling like a failure as a mom. I wasn’t fishing for compliments or reassurance. I was having a feel sorry for me and be down on myself kind of day.

Despite not allowing comments…I did get some e-mails from my fabulous friends. All of them were very reassuring and understanding. Mostly they were a kick in the ass to pick myself up and accept that I’m doing the best I can and since I live with the philosophy of having no regrets…I can’t very well sit around beating myself up over things I should have done differently.

It was the kick in the ass I needed! So thank you…all of you…really!

I decided that I should post a follow-up blog about why I do kick ass as a mom. I also think everyone should do this. It’s so easy to point out the mistakes and shortcomings in ourselves (and let’s face it, in others as well) so please take a moment and make a list (mental or otherwise) of how you kick ass in the various aspects of your life.

Top 10 reasons I am a kick ass mom…

10. I pack Jax a lunch every day because he doesn’t like the school food. At least 3 out of 5 days, I pack him a hot lunch.

9. When he stopped eating the school breakfast, I started packing his breakfast every day too.

8. I am the first one to volunteer to bring in baked goods for any function. Give me the chance to make cupcakes, and I will bring in something really creative.

7. I make the best pancakes in the world (Jax said so). On Valentine’s Day, the pancakes are heart shaped. On St. Patrick’s Day, they’re green and roughly in the shape of a shamrock.

6. The two times we’ve had snow here, I left work early so I could pick Jax up, go home, change, and go out to play. We even stayed out after it got dark.

5. Although it is a difficult decision, I’m putting Jax in summer school because I know it’s the best thing for him.

4. I ensure he gets the necessary meds every single day (most twice a day) and I rub his tummy while he’s taking said meds.

3. I bought him pet rats and fell just as much in love with them as he did.

2. I manage to be Santa, the Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny and I actually enjoy putting on a huge production to ensure the magic of believing is kept alive as long as possible.

1. Because I do worry that I’m not doing a good job.

Really…all of you that were worried that I was going off the deep end…I’m fine. For me blogging is often just getting stuff off my chest. Within an hour of posting that blog last night, I felt much better. So, please, no need to worry and thanks again for the support, reassurance, and kick in the ass 😉


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