Signature Blonde Moment

Everyday, many times a day, I see this bus driving around the office complex. On the side of this bus, I read

This bus runs on bodies…clean, renewable, and made in the USA

This has always struck me as odd and somewhat offensive. Not necessarily personally offensive but I wondered how people that weren’t “made in the USA” felt about it. I also wondered if it offended any of the riders that perhaps don’t bathe on a regular basis and therefore aren’t really “clean” by society’s standards.

So today, I saw the bus again, just as I have nearly every day since I moved here in July. On the side of the bus, it actually reads

This bus runs on biodiesel…clean, renewable, and made in the USA

Ah…now it makes sense!

Typical blonde moment from yours truly! It made me laugh and actually still does when I think of how I had misread it for so long. Hopefully it brought you a laugh as well!


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