Special Delivery

I tried a new service over the weekend…Peapod…and I am thrilled!

I have been meaning to try it for months and now I am completely hooked, I may never step foot in a grocery store again.

When I got my first apartment, I loved grocery shopping. It made me feel grown up and responsible. After having Jackson, grocery shopping was often my escape and a chance for some time to myself. Now that I’m a single mom, I’d almost prefer a beating to grocery shopping. My choices are:

  1. Rushing to the store before picking Jax up and most certainly forgetting something important, or
  2. Dragging Jax to the store and saying no at least 100 times to everything from toys to cereals (which of course contain a toy).

Either of these terribly inviting scenarios ends in loading the groceries into the car, lugging the groceries from the car to the house, and putting them away…all by myself (Jax will help carry groceries but seriously how much can you load into the arms of an 8 year old).

The answer to the prayer I never knew I had…Peapod!!

I shop online…from the comfort of my pjs. I registered using my store bonus card and voila…all of my previous in-store purchases were neatly placed on a shopping list for me! I could also shop from the aisles and online specials. The great thing about shopping these virtual aisles:

  1. I can go in any order I want, no more worrying about putting the frozen foods in the cart last, so that they’re rung up first, put in the cart first, loaded into the car last, and brought into the house first (yes, I really do this and I’ve been told it’s a bit OCD…but seriously…it sounds like a good idea to you now doesn’t it)
  2. I can go from frozen foods back to the cereal aisle, then back to the deli, and stop by health and beauty and back again if I forgot something (doesn’t matter what shoes I wore to work and that my feet are killing me by the end of the day)
  3. I can browse again! No more rushing down the aisles like I’m a contestant on Supermarket Sweep!

So, I place my well thought out and complete order, pick the day and time I’d like my groceries delivered and then wait for them. What happens if I forget something you ask…well, I can add to my order, silly. I placed my order Friday night and had until Sunday at 11pm to add items to my cart…which I took advantage of when I realized that we were nearly out of sugar and again when I realized the bread wasn’t lasting as long as I thought it would.

Right smack dab in the middle of my delivery window, the delivery truck pulls up, the nicest delivery man in the world walked up to the door with his hands full of bags, and asked “where would you like them?” Seriously? You’re bringing the groceries into the house for me? You’re putting them where ever I tell you to put them? And you’re doing it all without complaining or whining? Seriously!

All I have to do is put them away…which is always my favorite part of grocery shopping.

If you are lucky enough to have this service at your disposal…I highly recommend you try it. I figure with what I’m paying in delivery fees, I’m saving in gas and not getting sucked into impulse buys and rag mags.


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