Random Update

Since the Mother’s Day post seems to be depressing some people, I thought I’d post a random update.

Jax and I went to Virginia this past weekend. Unfortunately it wasn’t under the best circumstances. Jax went to stay with his dad while I attended the funeral of my mom’s cousin. But despite the circumstances, it was nice to be in Virginia again. But even better to get back to Maryland. I love Virginia and I’ll always be a Virginia girl, but I can’t express how much I love living in Maryland. Crossing the state line on the return trip is thrilling every single time.

School is winding down. I can’t believe how quickly this year has passed. Jax will be going to summer school in July. I think it will be good for him to hopefully get a jump on 3rd grade and at least not spend the entire summer forgetting everything he learned in 2nd grade. It’s been a rough year for many reasons and we’re both looking forward to a new year and a new teacher.

Pretty much everything is going well which is probably why I haven’t written much lately. I tend to blog when I’m bothered or when something truly amazing happens. Things have just been kind of going along rather smoothly.

Mother’s Day turned out ok despite the rocky beginning with the school function. Jax and I didn’t really do anything special. I mowed the yard and we just generally hung out around the house. We managed to get the house clean, which was a nice gift.


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